GAMDIAS Implores Gamers to ‘Unleash Their Inner Gaming Greek Gods’ Is Launching in the US, Canada and Mexico


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CITY OF INDUSTRY – December 20, 2013 — GAMDIAS, the new gaming peripherals competitor announced immediate availability of their products – gaming keyboard, gaming mice, gaming headsets, gaming mouse pads and gaming accessories in the U.S, Canada and Mexico. The peripherals enable gamers to experience gaming unparalleled to their competitors through GAMDIAS’ secret weapon, Greek Gods. GAMDIAS (GAM, standing for Gaming Art in Motion and DIAS meaning God) is coming on the scene with products distinctive of Greek mythology gods, while seeking to harness their powers and incorporate them into each peripheral – sure to redefine the gaming world landscape. Thus, GAMDIAS, is the god of gaming.


Gamers in Taiwan, Russia, UK and Latin America have already benefited from the innovative, high quality and artistic beauty deploying from several GAMDIAS products, such as, the HERMES keyboard, ZEUS mouse and HESPHAETUS headset. Linus from the popular YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, conducted an unboxing on the ZEUS mouse and HERMES keyboard receiving a combined over one-hundred thousand views, commented, “GAMDIAS approach to adjustable ergonomics it quite unique indeed”!


GAMDIAS gaming peripherals dedicates itself to giving customers more than mediocre products, but rather a gaming experience they will never forget. If the player is a beginner or professional, everyone will be able to enjoy and afford top quality, innovative peripherals coming from GAMDIAS and utilize the peripherals to surpass users not ‘Unleashing Their Inner Gaming Greek God’! You can visit for a list of online and retail stores currently selling their product.


About GAMDIAS Founded in 2012, with its headquarters in Taiwan, the company has three branch offices with more opening up around the world in 2014. GAMDIAS is backed by international award winning designers (Red Dot), innovative think tanks, and inspirational brand leaders. GAMDIAS is emerging as the next generation of gaming peripherals and will redefine the electronic sports (eSports) landscape by continuing to invest in state of the art designs and transcending their products into an artistic pantheon.


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