KWorld illuminates COMPUTEX with fresh ideas on entertainment and life lines


Shedding light on new waves of consumer electronics trends and product lines


Taipei, Taiwan – May 31st, 2012 - KWorld Computer Co., Ltd., a leading provider for integrated multimedia player, has begun development and promotion on radical new product lines that will redefine KWorld and impact the consumer electronic industry. A new regime has been declared and the governing concepts are function, fashion, and need. The first new breeds of this model are Gaming and Lifestyle.


GART – Gaming Art In Motion

KWorld is staking claims in new territories with new products in Gaming that blend functionality and fashion to produce GART – Gaming Art in Motion. Breaking into the gaming industry and breaking the traditional trend of gaming headphones is the G19 audio speakers. KWorld believes gamers play the games for the experience but a neglected satisfaction has been enjoying the experience loud and clear. G19 is a product that takes the KWorld Audio expertise and puts it exactly where the need is and consumers can expect this product to be a momentum builder.


KWorld Lifestyle – Digital Consonance

Another neglected group in the Consumer Electronic industry is the overlooked non-users. Non-users are the people that don’t use the product but can influence the user’s choice of purchase or product experience. KWorld will carefully design Lifestyle products with the consideration of the non-user to bring together the whole family home entertainment experience through what we call Digital Consonance. By building to the promise of function, fashion, and need for both the user and non-user, KWorld is stepping into a new region of service that consumers worldwide will applaud.


About KWorld

KWorld Computer Co., Ltd. is a leading brand for integrated digital multimedia solutions. By combining and integrating six different kinds of multimedia solutions; PCTV, External TVBox, Multimedia Editing, Multimedia Converter, Home Media Center and Computer Speaker Series, KWorld can be both the components and solutions for the basic infrastructure for a digital home entertainment center. For more information on KWorld, please visit www.kworld-global.com.


KWorld PR Contact:

Philip Lai Tel: +886-2-8228-6088 ext. 263 Email: [email protected]