Extraordinary Efficiency

With less heat converted by the remaining power, KRATOS P1 650G meets 80 PLUS Gold Efficiency. Accordingly, it won’t waste power and trigger excess heat. The less heat output generated, the less noise arises.



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Visual Adventure

Equipped with Neon-Flex RGB, KRATOS P1 650G offers unparalleled lighting effects. By pressing one button, the lighting is easily switched among 30 built-in RGB effects, Multi-color, and LED off. With RGB motherboard sync (5V 3-pin), addressable RGB lighting can be synchronize via motherboard manufacture software creating a consistent style throughout your computer.


Ultimate Aesthetics and Airflow

With Flat cables, KRATOS P1 650G aims to enhance aesthetic as well as airflow.




DC to DC Design & Powerful Single +12V Rail

With DC to DC design and Powerful single +12V rail, KRATOS P1 650G assures you a steady and reliable power supply to other PC components.


Ultra Silence

KRATOS P1 650G comes with a fan to provide eminent gamers with matchless cooling in silence.

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KRATOS P1 650G Overview

"Superior gaming experience"

Built up to meet 80 PLUS Gold energy efficiency, KRATOS P1 650G delivers steady power output and ensures the impeaccable quality for professional gamers. A preferable individual style can be effortlessly achieved with built-in RGB lighting effects and addressable LEDs. Also, aesthetic and airflow are enhanced with flat cables attached.


  • Meet 80 PLUS Gold Efficiency
  • RGB Motherboard Sync
  • Neon-Flex RGB 30 built-in lighting effects
  • Addressable LEDs
  • Flat cables
  • DC to DC design
  • Silent Mode


Type ATX12V v2.4
Efficiency Meet 80 PLUS Gold efficiency
Power Factor Correction APFC with PF value of 0.99
Support Motherboard RGB Sync Connectors 5V 3-pin Addressable (Digital) LED RGB Header Only
Support C6/C7 power state Yes


AC Input 100-240V, 10A, 47-63Hz
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5Vsb
Max. Output Current 20A 20A 54.2A 0.3A 2.5A
Max. Output Power 100W 650W 3.6W 12.5W
Total Power 650W


Protection OVP/ UVP/ OPP/ OCP/ SCP/ SP/ ICP


Main Power 1 (20+4 Pin)
CPU 1 (4+4 Pin)
PCI-E 2 (6+2 Pin)
SATA 6 (5 Pin)
Molex 3 (4 Pin)
Floppy 1 (4 Pin)
Note: Actual products may vary due to product enhancement and are mainly based on specifications on package.