Fully Covered Waterproof Gaming Mouse Mat (XXL)

The double extra large mouse mat completely covers the top of the desk. Accidental spill resistant material for easy cleanups.



p02 Cable Management 492x363

Power Strip Holder and Cable Management Design

Beneath the desk, the power strip holder holds a power extension cord. The cable management design, collects the messy cables, keeping cables neat and tucked away.


Four Balance Adjustment Knobs

With four adjustment knobs, the leveling of a desk can be effortlessly adjusted to compensate for uneven ground levels. These adjustments ensure your desk stays horizontally leveled.

p03 Leg 492x363


p04 HQ 492x363

High Quality Construction

Made of scratch-resistant Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and premium steel frame, the DAEDALUS E1 aims to be as durable as possible, accompanying you to countless game battles.


DAEDALUS E1 Overview

"Building up a comfortable gaming environment!"

DAEDALUS E1 features waterproof gaming mouse mat, cable management design and four balance adjustment knobs to perfectly satisfy your needs in various gaming environments.


  • Cable Management
  • Power Strip Holder
  • Waterproof Gaming Mouse Mat
  • Steel Frame Construction


Frame Steel
Length 120 cm 47"
Width 60 cm 24"
Height 75 cm 30"
Max. Load 100 kg / 220 lbs