Our Story

GAMDIAS is a world-renowned global manufacturer of high-quality gaming peripherals and technologies. We specialize in creating premium peripherals, components, and furniture for all gamers, pc enthusiasts, and virtual influencers to excel and perform at their best.

GAMDIAS Technology was founded in 2012 by a team of gaming enthusiasts envisioning each of our products to contain the distinct characteristics of the gods in Greek Mythology. The first three letters GAM represents the fundamental essence of our drive, thus our slogan “Gaming Art in Motion”; and the latter four words DIAS is the Latin word for god. Lastly, creating a classical golden inverted triangle logo that contains the intent of the king of gods━ZEUS━to represent the unyielding spirit of every gamer.

Values and Beliefs

In GAMDIAS, we strive to provide the best gaming experience for gamers of all levels, giving them the environment to freely express themselves through their passion and creativity. We understand that every moment in-game is crucial to achieving victory, that is why we focus so much on even the smallest details of our products. Through the combination of high-end technologies and the aesthetic design of our products, GAMDIAS seeks to deliver an environment that enables everyone, from casual to professional gamers, to easily immerse themselves and perform at their very best.


GAMDIAS Technology was founded in Taiwan, with branch offices placed in America, China, India, etc. We have successfully established a firm foundation in six of the world’s major markets, with 60 regional distributors and counting around the world, further increasing our fan base and positive reputation. Not only do we aim to set the bar for the quality and practicality of all gaming products, but to also go above and beyond with our product design. Our team will continue to bring out products that will satisfy the needs and expectations of every gamer.

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