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Modern, compact and powerful: The new TALOS E3 & TALOS E3 White Mid-Tower PC Case
We're eager to tell you about our recently released case, the TALOS E3 mid-tower case that features a refreshing minimalistic outlook and comes in two different colors: Matte Black and Snowy White. The 3rd generation mid-tower case of our TALOS E-series focuses more on fitting in rather than obtruding your setup.

The TALOS series is GAMDIAS's signature series that has been constantly refined ever since the first release of the product line in 2018. Since the initial launch of our TALOS mid-tower case series, it has been recognized as one of the most innovative budget cases with a modish futuristic vibe. As we reach 2021 where elegance is everything, we decided to keep the characteristics of our TALOS series while making it pleasing to the eye in any build.

The all-new TALOS E3 still retains itself as an ARGB case while featuring a clean outlook of tempered glasses on both the front and side panels of the case. As we made two colors for it, we make it easier for people trying to find an elegant budget case with a premium build quality to fit into their setup. The case features 3 built-in 120mm ARGB fans, tempered glass panels on the sides, and an elegant PSU shroud to retain the minimalistic design that everyone loves.
A clean and minimalistic outlook
In order to leave an aesthetically pleasing first impression, we equipped the case with 3 built-in 120mm ARGB fans perfectly displayed by a sleek tempered glass in front. To keep the minimalist design, we shrouded the entire bottom compartment of the case in either matte black or snowy white depending on your choosing. The side panel is a clean and seamless tempered glass that shows off every inch of your rig to complement the case itself.

Apart from that, you will be able to perform motherboard syncing of your components installed into the case with a simple click of a button or through a remote. The TALOS E3 supports motherboard sync (5v 3-pin) to achieve system-wide RGB lighting synchronization, the simplest way to unite your group of RGB lights and present the case in any fashion you like.
  • White Edition (TALOS E3 WH)
  • Sync with 5V ARGB Motherboard
  • Tempered Glass Panel
  • 3 Built-in 120mm ARGB Fans
  • Tool-Free Installation Tempered Glass Window
  • One Touch to Easily Switch RGB Streaming Lighting Style
  • Supports Motherboards up to ATX
  • Power Cover Design
  • Magnetic Dust Filter

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